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Excluding Robert and me the following people contributed valuable things to the project. If I omitted somebody please e-mail me! The list is sorted alphabetically.

Alex Lozano: Solaris beta testing.

Anatoli Soltan: BC++ and WinNT code.

Andrey `Onyx' Shevtsov (miniEleph): A lot of help and testing for the FreeBSD port.

Andris Pavenis: Many patches and help to support the last releases of gcc.

Dominique (Anamorphose): RPM packages (v1.1.4) and newer Red Hat 7.2 packages.

Iván Baldo: Debian packager and beta tester.

José Angel Sanchez Caso (JASC): Big endian solutions, the drivers concept implemented in TV 2.0 and the graphical Win32 driver.

Laurynas Biveinis: A lot of patches collected from the net, MSS support, testing and ideas.

Michel Catudal: RPM packages (v1.1.3) and newer SuSE 8.0 packages.

Mike Gorchak: QNX port.

Roman Valyushenko: X11 bug reports and fixes, X11 busy cursor and russian translation of the messages.

Ronald Landheer: Help with the Cygwin port.

Sergio Sigala: He maintains a BSD port of TV from where I took some of the examples. I think Robert based his Linux code on it.

Tapio Kelloniemi: Information about how to make the library cooperate with Braille Terminals.

Vadim Beloborodov: MinGW and Win32 code.

WintiX: Miscrosoft C compiler help and test.

The following users also contributed with small patches, testing and bug reports:

Alex Matulich, Anders Blom, Arvin Baccay, Cesar Rabak, Christoph Bauer, Christopher Nelson, David Nock, David A. Capello, Dean Wakerley, Dim Zegebart, Dimitar Jekov, Egon Eckert, Jerzy Witkowski, Joël Soete, Luis Pistoia, Matt Mueller, Nate Eldredge, Norberto Alfredo Bensa, Owen Rudge, Robert Varga, Sean Proctor, Sergey Krivulja, Tanes Sriviroolchai, Tatu Kilappa, Waldemar Schultz and Wojciech Warczakowski.

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