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Release History

Important! These are only the most relevant things, for a detailed list of fixes/additions look in the change.log file.

Release 2.0.2
Added support for Linux UTF-8 consoles (like default Red Hat 8.0 and 9.0).
Added a class to abstract i18n support.
Added support for BC++ 5.6 (Builder 6) and MSVC 7.0.

Release 2.0.1
Added russian translation.
Added installation for the translations (spanish and russian).
Added X11 cyrillics example.
Added support for greek and russian keyboards to X11 driver.
Fixed bugs in Linux and WinGr drivers.

Release 2.0.0
Added pseudo drivers mechanism.
Added X11 native support.
Added better Linux console support.
Added bettet XTerm/Eterm support (100% new driver).
Added better support for FreeBSD.
Added QNX support.
Added configuration file support.
Added code pages support.
Added fonts support.
Added MSVC support.
Added better support for new MinGW and Cygwin releases.

Release 1.1.4
Added support for RHIDE 1.4.9 and MSS 1.2.1.
Fixed compatlayer issues when including it more than once.
Added a mechanism to easily enable/disable international support without recompiling.
Fixed 100% CPU usage in the BC++ 5.5 version.
Fixed some Solaris problems.
Fixed desklogo and listvi examples.

Release 1.1.3
Added gcc 3.1 support.
Fixed TRangeValidator.

Release 1.1.2
Added gcc 3.0 support.
Added support for CygWin (Win32).
DOS: Keyboard using BIOS by default.
Fixed problems to compile examples.
Fixed keypad under X.
Fixed endianess details, now the demo works for Power PC and SPARC (Linux).
Fixed compile problems in FreeBSD and Linux/Alpha.

Release 1.1.1
Fixed cursor updated jumping when desktop locked.
Fixed TSortedCollection incremental search issues.
Added option to configure TFileCollection.
Added new color for disabled TCluster objects.
Fixed endianess problems in the TView draw member.
Added better support for Linux terminals, including ISO-8859-1 accents support.
Added a dummy internationalization library.
Fixed compiling issues in Linux.
Added a dialog editor program.

Release 1.1.0
Added BC++ 5.5 support (Win32).
Added MinGW support (Win32).
Added a `library' called compat layer to abstract the OS/compiler dependent things.
Fixed some details to make the library compilable with FreeBSD and other UNIXes.
Moved headers to a subdirectory (tv/*.h).
Added TButton callback.
Added 32 bits TRadioButtons and TCheckBoxes.
Added Add and Done buttons to the FileOpenDialog.
Fixed TStatusItem now uses copies of the strings passed.

Release 1.0.10
Disable ^Q, ^S, ^C, ^/ and ^Z when using terminals.
TFileDialog is now "growable".
Now the initialization of the TScreen is called from TProgInit.

Release 1.0.9
Added configure/make/make install mechanism.
Added support for DOS greek keyboards.
Fixed wrong broadcast in TListView.
Fixed compilation problems with gcc 2.95 under DOS.
Fixed bug in the TFileList vertical scroll bar.

Release 1.0.8
Around 28 bugfixes collected from the net by Laurynas Biveinis.
Added some new broadcasts to make more clean some process that were ugly.
Added low level (register level) save/restore VGA mode for DOS, it workarounds bugs in some broken BIOSes.
Added TFileCollection sorting options.
Added TDesktop now can also tile windows partitioning first vertically.
Now the library releases the CPU by default.

Release 1.0.7
Added Eterm 0.8.10 support (excellent keyboard under X!).
Added a couple of new members to TCommandSet to re/set ranges of commands.
Added example to avoid 100% CPU usage.
Added the calculator to the library.
Ported TChdirDialog to Linux version.
Modifications in the TFileDialog scroll bars, other small changes to this class (no double dir read, no .. in DOS' root, etc.).
Fixed warnings in examples when using egcs.
Fixed bug in TFileInfoPane.
Fixed now ^Z is disabled.
Fixed many calls to delete without [] and passing void pointers.

Release 1.0.6
Added much better support for xterm, including mouse and window resize.
Added mouse support for NT.
Added a function to recycle the doEditDialog.
Added some support for Alpha/Linux (experimental).
Added support for readonly /dev/vcsa devices.
Added some nice things in TMenuBar and TStatusLine (resize and 1 space around).
Ported TParamText.
Reduced the ESC delay.
Fixed bugs in TEditor and TSortedListBox.
Fixed leak in TResourceFile.

Release 1.0.5
Added files to generate a .deb package.
Fixed memory leaks and modified to release all the allocated memory when exiting. I debugged my editor with YAMD and it was needed to detect leaks in the editor.
Added support for VESA modes from TDisplay::setCrtMode.
Changed the name of the library to avoid potential collisions with the Sigala's port. No body reported problems but I'm thinking about making the library part of the main Debian distribution.

Release 1.0.4
Added TEditor, TFileEditor, TEditorWindow and TMemo classes. They were lost when we incorporated my TCEditor class to RHIDE.
Fixed problems with VESA modes in S3 boards.
Added support for ACS_xxxx ncurses macros. It makes the program look much better when using xterm.

Release 1.0.3
Dynamic version for Linux.
Fixed some problems in the make process.

Release 1.0.2
Fixes for the keyboard mappings used in Red Hat 5.2.
Added nine examples, a 16 steps tutorial and a demo program.

Release 1.0.1
First public standalone release.

Release 1.0.0
First release, not public. Only sent to Robert.

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